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shotz to tha double glock!


name. jessica quick
age. 20
sex?. vagina.
sexuality. i like boys best but i'll make out with a hot girl from time to time.
relationship status. single, but i'm trying to steal a hottie with a girlfriend.

about you:

fav bands.((at least 5)) no doubt, stellastarr, emery, depeche mode, tsunami bomb, anterrabae, the smiths, the chemical brothers, moving units, sublime, thrice, horrorpops

fav movie of all time. almost famous.

10 things you hate. onions, fat & ugly people, when tone deaf people try to sing, winter, when the internet is down and i can't feed my addiction, mall goths, when people hate pompadours, scratched CDs, not being able to find pants for my long legs, those really lame chain letteresque bulletins on myspace that are really gay.

what are you scared of?. being murdered, unattained fires

current favorite song (and who sings it). there are way too many songs that i like right now! ahh well let's see... "clever shoplifting tactics" by anterrabae.

lyrics that descride you. i don't think i could possibly find song lyrics to describe me. i'm too...out there.


((no books please. keep them to the point.))

punishments for rapists. i think they should be VERY punished. haha...rape is not cool. i believe sex should be reserved for two people extremely attracted to each other (love is optional haha) not ever forced. they should get punched in the face really hard at least.
religion. i don't really care for organized religion. i was brough up roman catholic, and i find it kinda creepy. i have my own relationship with god, and it's my business. i can pray in the comfort of my own home, or in my car or wherever. i don't believe there should be so many churchish rules. sit down stand up kneel repent your sins? wtf.
abortion. i feel that it's the woman's choice, but i know damn well i couldn't do it myself. i could never kill my own baby but i AM pro-choice.
straight edge. i think it's perfectly fine if that is how someone wants to be...personally i think it's kind of over the top. it's ok to drink once in awhile and stuff, going overboard is not ok though. i love to drink and smoke though. i couldn't be straight edge. but i respect those who are.
animal rights. i like to eat meat, but i don't think animals should have to be abused. the fastest less torturous killing methods should be used. i probably could deal with being vegetarian (but wouldn't like it!) but i know i could NEVER be vegan. i mean come on...cheese!? ice cream???

for fun:

spare time killers.

post a picture of something random.
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how did you find out about us?. uhmmm from curbstop sluts.

promote us to two communities/lj users. and post DIRECT links. i should NOT have to search for them.

why should you have a fucking glock? to fucking shoot people! DUH.

post at least three clear pics of your face and a 100x100 for the userinfo page.
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